National Conference 2018


The National Conference this year was on
Saturday, 16th June 2018

in the RDS, Dublin

Speakers: Fr Pat Collins, CM
Rev. David Jardine

words we received:

I did not come down to earth to bring division, but to bring peace and unity to all my children through the outpouring of my Holy Spirit. I did not pour out my Body and Blood to separate my people, but as a gift for all men, women and children. It is my prayer to God the Father that all humankind will be united.

My children, there is no need to be afraid. I have overcome the world. Though you may be unfaithful, I am always faithful. Submit to my Spirit and you will see my triumph.

He also told us that he wants his glory to be reflected in our lives, that he needs us to show the world this glory, to stay close to him and let his light shine through.